Eginton Alignment is a concrete set of practices and a flexible, accommodating, and practical point of view on the use of the physical body. In addition to techniques from Feldenkrais and Alexander, Meg and other EA teachers use Sensory Awareness techniques drawn from Elsa Gindler, Charlotte Selver, and Fritz and Laura Perls’ work to help people make alignment and movement pattern changes quickly, because awareness teaches kinesthetic memory and calm self direction. Meg’s own hands-on techniques and skill at devising exercises suited to each individual are passed to her teachers. Meg and her teachers help students quickly progress to self-care.

INDIVIDUAL appointments now take place at 1136 Foster Road, in John Macatee, DO’s office.

CLASSES meet at 1073 Walker Circle, across from Dingo Coffee Bar.

Call 319-519-3848 for or write Meg at for appointments, reservations and information.

Friday Daily Dozen Drop IN class continues.

Both locations are conveniently located in the Peninsula, easily reached from downtown, the IC east side, Coralville, and North Liberty. The Manville Heights bus stops in front of both office and class room.

I look forward to seeing you!


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