What is it?

 What can Eginton Alignment do for you?

Eginton Alignment relieves stress while teaching one how to self-release tension, heal or manage chronic injuries and pain, and gain better coordination and more elegance. It is accessible to any person, regardless of physical abilities, and is delivered to serve individual needs. Often times Meg creates individualized exercises to be practiced at home, and which will speed up healing and progress towards ease in movement. Accommodations for disabilities can be made.

Eginton Alignment’s clear and anatomically correct use of physical structure and developmental movement-based and age appropriate exercises help with sciatica, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, and often, over time, heal them. People also come to Meg for help with somaticized anxiety and body image problems. She can tailor strength work for specific syndromes, such as osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis.

What does the teacher do? 

Through gentle hands on work and exercises, Eginton Alignment teaches people how to change their alignment of posture and movement in order to release tension, heal or manage chronic injuries and pain, and move through life with more coordination, calm, and elegance.

The hands on work (Table Work Sessions)  develops awareness leading to more easeful movement and relieves stress and chronic pain.

Movement habits are also re-patterned through work in Upright Lessons which focus on walking , standing, sitting, and issues that clients present for help with.

In both types of individual sessions home exercises are often created for students and a video reminder emailed for their reference.

There are also sequences of exercises that are easy to learn. One set of exercises is called The Daily Dozen and it teaches you to align yourself.

The practice of The Daily Dozen itself becomes meditative and deeply calming.

What is the Goal of Eginton Alignment?

The ultimate goal of Eginton Alignment practice is to free you from needing a teacher’s help, and to be wholly independent in self-care and education, if that is what you want. Eginton Alignment’s goal is to help people feel more in control and more expressive.


Certified Eginton Alignment Teacher Julianne Kusmierczyk repatterning a boy’s arm movement in preparation for cast removal, and because his shoulder hurts.

Eginton Alignment (EA) is a therapy and educational practice that helps with pain and range of movement that keep a person from fully elegant posture and expressive movement. It works to change the movement of the small muscles which manipulate each of the joints in the axial and appendicular skeletons, through gentle and directed movements. How an EA teacher moves your body is in response to your needs, feelings, and wants. And EA teacher listens deeply and responds with her hands and eyes and guides you to more efficient and elegant use of your physical self. 

move smarter, feel more









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